Gardening Oct

Not everything in the garden goes smoothly.  Things break and accidents happen.  I was hoping to wrap up a list of tasks in October before leaving for my Japan trip in November at a comfortable pace, but I ended up being too busy looking after a number of surprises. First came the windstorm that took … More Gardening Oct

Gardening Sep

The garden operates on a never ending cycle and has trained me to think on short and long term perspectives in its own ways.  I spent most of September harvesting and preparing the garden for the coming year.  Most of my time was dedicated to relocating major shrubs and perennials, driving around the city to … More Gardening Sep

Gardening Jun-Aug

After returning from my roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies at the end of June, the garden totally exploded and everything was out of control.  The hotter than usual weather encouraged exponential growth and weeds took over the landscape that was once ornamental.  Luckily the days were long with up to 16 hours of sunlight, allowing … More Gardening Jun-Aug


May is party time in Lilian’s garden. Most of the large shrubs were blooming and everything was growing rapidly. I spent a lot of time this month pruning; pruning rhodos to be more exact. As tasks in the garden started to become more complicated, I realized that more tools were needed to keep the garden … More Gardening-May

Gardening April

Most people suggest to start things small and build it up throughout the years. That is usually not my approach to most things in life; gardening included. Lilian’s garden was not in any definition a small, simple, or manageable garden for a first project. The garden was a mature one that had been designed; with … More Gardening April

Gardening Jan-Mar

  After giving myself a break from the landscape architecture industry for several years, I decided to resume to the gardening world; playing with dirt, tending plants and making art out of them. As I was browsing the Internet searching for opportunities to get back into this field, I came across the Master Gardener Training … More Gardening Jan-Mar

Stone Church

As the only building in a quiet forest in Karuizawa, the Stone Church blends into the surroundings with its organic architecture style. Built almost 30 years ago in 1988, this church is a well-known wedding destination for its unique architecture display of stone and glass. During my visit, there was a wedding ceremony and we … More Stone Church